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Harlem Travel Guide iPhone and iPad App

Harlem Travel Guide iPhone and iPad App


Product Description

For years people have come to Harlem, primarily on tour buses.  They get off the bus to hear gospel music at a church, but usually leave before the worship service ends.  They also get off the bus to eat at a restaurant.  We want people's feet to hit the ground to explore Harlem’s rich history which is unparalleled by any other New York City neighborhood.  Its ethnic diversity makes it a fascinating place to visit and this app will help visitors and residents alike navigate its nooks and crannies.

Harlem is the third most visited tourist destination in New York City.  Yet most visitors have no idea what is there and what to expect.  Unbeknownst to many visitors, Harlem is three distinct areas Central Harlem, where African Americans first settled in the early 1990s; East Harlem or El Barrio, which is home to Latinos, with Puerto Ricans first migrating to the enclave after WWI; and West Harlem, which includes a diverse population of African Americans, West Indians, Latinos, and whites.  As a bonus we included Washington Heights’ home to Morris-Jumel Mansion, Manhattan’s oldest house.


• More than 360 entries with over 2000 photographs• This visually rich app consists of detailed New York City visitor’s information from visitor centers, tourist websites, weather, news, holidays, sales tax, smoking rules, tipping and transportation to and from airports and in the city• Detailed descriptions which include uncommonly known cultural and historical facts, websites, phone numbers, hours of operation, prices, menus and hyperlinks that link entries and lead to websites for additional historical and factual information.• Entries sorted by name, category, distance, price, and neighborhood• Once click to websites, phones, online ordering, online reservations, current menus and more• Live calendar• Ability to share user comments and mark and save favorites• Ask the authors questions through in-app comments to get personalized feedback at your finger tips• YouTube videos• GPS enabled Google maps with walking, driving and mass transit directions• Access offline content anytime• Free upgrades for life

What’s inside

• Nightlife and entertainment from jazz, Latin salsa, opera to classical music;• Theatre, dance, spoken word and more;• Restaurants featuring soul food to French cuisine and everything in between;• Unique ethnic retail shops;• Museums that celebrate various cultures;• Fine art galleries;• Majestic churches and gospel music;• Amazing landmarks;• Parks and free recreational activities;• Guest accommodations;• Free internet access and Wi-fi locations;• Authentic tours of Harlem;• Annual events and festivals;• Sales & Deals

About the Authors

The authors are both homeowners and long-time residents of Harlem. Carolyn D. Johnson operates a tour company, a visitor's center, and a website that carries information about Harlem.  All three of these entities operate under the umbrella of Welcome to Harlem. Valerie Jo Bradley operates a PR and special events planning firm and is proprietor of a small guest house in Harlem. In addition to collaborating with other Harlem-based tour companies to develop unique tours of Harlem, she has trained Harlem residents to conduct tours in their neighborhoods.

Download the free Sutro World @ www.sutromedia.com/world and purchase the Harlem Travel Guide today for $2.99!

Product Videos

Harlem Travel Guide: Sutro World iPhone App Review - DailyAppShow (03:37)
Let?s face it, planet Earth rocks, but traveling to new places can still be tricky. Sutro is here to help! With more than 325 destination guides, Sutro is the world?s largest publisher of independently authored travel guides - and with more than 2500 sample entries included in this free app ? you can try any of them before purchasing!
  • Harlem Travel Guide: Sutro World iPhone App Review - DailyAppShow
    Let?s face it, planet Earth rocks, but traveling to new places...

Warranty Information

There is no refund for failing to take your tour/activity with us.

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  3. Gorgeous guide, highly appreciate your work

    Jessica (Submitted on 24th Jan 2012)

    You've made my day - finally I've got the guide I've been looking for.

  4. Would love to get it separately

    Aaron Martin (Submitted on 20th Jan 2012)

    It’s smart and useful guide but it’s a pity that it’s not really visible on the App Store for people to find. It deserves better.

  5. Good stuff

    Unknown (Submitted on 20th Jan 2012)

    I can’t think of any cons for the guide, it’s evident that Carolyn knows her business. I will recommend it to my friends who plan to visit this coming April.

  6. Great idea, must have

    Tim Beckley (Submitted on 20th Jan 2012)

    Well, I don’t plan to visit Harlem but I do research on it and I have to say that I’ll use the guide in my work for sure.

  7. The best guide on Harlem

    Unknown (Submitted on 20th Jan 2012)

    It is a really useful guide, some of the information about sights location I couldn’t find anywhere else.

  8. Thank you

    Ryan Morrison (Submitted on 20th Jan 2012)

    I’ve been traveling a lot and used many Sutro guides but the this one is one of the best so far.

  9. Extremely helpful

    Dennis Graham (Submitted on 20th Jan 2012)

    This guide is one more reason for me why it actually was a great decision to dumb my feature phone and but iPhone 4S

  10. Facebook integration

    Mel Einstein (Submitted on 13th Jan 2012)

    The app is really useful and neat but I wouldn’t mind to have Facebook share function built-in but it certainly doesn’t make the guide less valuable, it’s actually very well organized one.

  11. Thank you!

    Bob (Submitted on 13th Jan 2012)

    I’d read people’s comments and decided to purchase the guide and I’m pleased with the quality and scope of the information presented in it. One thing - I wouldn’t mind if Maps feature has Google Earth view plus to a map but I think it should be done on Sutro’s side.

  12. The hint

    Denise Jakobson (Submitted on 13th Jan 2012)

    Now plus to what other people say I would like to give a quick hint, which I believe it’s obvious - all text in the guide is selectable and so you can look up for a definition for a word in a text which you may find unknown for you.

  13. Literally a guide in my pocket

    Max (Submitted on 13th Jan 2012)

    I can only subscribe to what other people already have told about the guide. It’s just great that I can read a place description, actually give a call its manager, find it on a map and even hook up on its Twitter channel to keep my eye on it. Very smart!

  14. Stunning photos

    Nick Redfern (Submitted on 13th Jan 2012)

    Thanks for the superb guide, I’ve gone through photos and have to praise the authors for a great job! I’m a pro photographer and I just know when I see masterpiece job.

  15. The best guide to date

    Peter Bishop (Submitted on 13th Jan 2012)

    Harlem is such vast and diverse place, I don’t think it’s possible to visit every single place but than the guide like this one is what I think ideal to pick up places to prefer.

  16. Google Maps

    Alex Steinberg (Submitted on 13th Jan 2012)

    Gosh, having Google Maps in this app with all directions in hand is such awesome feature, I don’t think we’ll need a guide for visit to Harlem.

  17. Well done

    Matt Greenwood (Submitted on 11th Jan 2012)

    From the scope of the information presented in the guide I can see that it was put together by a person who truly love Harlem. Thank you!

  18. Highly recommended

    Denise Washington (Submitted on 11th Jan 2012)

    Carolyn did a pretty awesome job composing so much information about Harlem in a single guide.

  19. Harlem is my dream

    Valery (Submitted on 11th Jan 2012)

    I’ve been dreaming to visit Harlem since I was a teen, what a spectacular place. Thanks for the great guide! I just admire the photos.

  20. Really useful guide

    Kristine Martin (Submitted on 11th Jan 2012)

    Well organized and informative, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for to get a trip to NY and visit Harlem.

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